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Regardless of how technologically advanced a website is, if no one knows about it, the owner might as well send smoke signals to attract business.  Sadly, even when a business does spend a lot of money developing an advanced website, most are lost in the vast expanse of cyberspace.

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With so many websites on the net, the chances of finding one specific site, without a proper address, are about the same as winning the lottery.  And with millions of new sites coming online every month, not all of them will attract the traffic needed to be successful.  Check out the counters located at the bottom of many websites and you’ll find those numbers often make the whole process of establishing a web presence seem hardly worth the effort.

Without advanced services such as database marketing, search engine registration and optimization, or other effective traffic strategies, the visitor count is usually very low.  And the truth is, if no one sees a website, there really is no point in having one!

Why do you have to optimize your web pages for search engines?

There are billions of web pages on the Internet. It's obvious that not all of them can be listed in the top 10 results on search engines. Search engines only list web sites that they find relevant to a special topic. You must make sure that your web site is such a site. If search engines cannot find out that your web site is about real estate, they cannot give your web site high rankings for that keyword. The process of optimizing your web pages so that search engines find them relevant is called search engine optimization (SEO).

Only a few web surfers look further than the first or second result page of a search engine

75% of searchers never look further than page one (Source: Georgia Institute of Technology). Most search engines display ten results on the first page; and very few searchers click the links to look at the second page.

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen points out: "Users almost never look beyond the second page of search results." Danny Sullivan, ClickZ Search Engine Marketing Columnist, puts it out this way: "Being listed 11 or beyond means that many people may miss your web site."

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