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Maui Web Maintenance
Internet Solutions for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

maui web maintenanceAfter your website has been launched on the World Wide Web it is important that the contents be updated on a regular basis. Your website's content should remain fresh and continue to provide value to your customers. As a service to our clients we offer optional maintenance packages with all web solutions we develop. We can provide maintenance hourly or through an annual service contract.

Maui Web Maintenance - for an up to date website helps you to establish and maintenance your online presence with timely, accurate and relevant information for your client and the search engine spiders.

Our maintenance services are very affordable...

  •   Basic Rate: $95 per hour
  •   Annual Contract: $85 per hour

...and will ensure that your latest offerings are available to your customers.
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SEO Implications:
Note search engines are reported to track the timeliness of pages. Out dated pages can influence are Google Page Rank!  Have you ever visited a web page and discovered the there are dead links and information that is incorrect? One of the most common and visible errors are announcement that are long past. Is your website hurting your business?

Need Updates?

You already have a website that needs to be updated but don't have the expertise or time to perform the updates yourself. Call us, we can help. We can also service websites that were not developed by us and would be glad to assist you.

Maui Web Maintenance - for growing businesses.
Maui Web Maintenance

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