Search Engine Optimization - Integrated Approach

What is The Integrated Approach?

The Integrated Approach assumes there are three key tasks of site management that are repeated in cycles to maximize feedback from any Web presence. These tasks have a simple formula:


'SEO integrated approachPromote' simply means increasing your online visibility: if you publish your site on the Web, theoretically you expose it to everybody who browses the Internet. In fact, your site is still invisible even after you published it, because no one knows it exists and you are not found on the search engines when people search for terms relevant to your offering.

Promotion means efficiently communicating your message to your target audience - mainly with the help of the search engines because these are central to how potential customers will find you. The aim of this stage is getting traffic to your site.

The Integrated Approach requires that, at the promotion stage, you complete several subtasks so to drive suitable visitors to visit you. These being: research keywords, optimize pages, optimize site structure, submit pages to search engines, monitor and analyze rankings and work with link popularity. Once all these steps are completed, you analyze the results and repeat the cycle, now armed with the extra data you need.

'Analyze' means using Web technologies so you find out more about your
visitors which means you can adjust things more to their needs. This stage comes when you have enough traffic due to the promotion work you have done. Remember, only a small percentage of those that visit your site will buy. The aim of the Analysis stage is to improve visitor-to-buyer conversion. The results of the analysis stage are then used in another Promotion cycle, after which your conversion should be analyzed again etc, until you reach the maximum transactions point that you think your site can generate.

'Maintain' means making your site as convenient as possible for the audience, thus improving your visitors' browsing experience. Remember your visitors consist of humans AND the search engine robots. These robots need to be fed information properly and like human visitors, they can leave your site because of a broken link. Thus, Site Quality Management is the third part of the Integrated Approach and it maximizes the results of the first two tasks.

Now you have an idea of what the Integrated Approach is about, it will be easier to understand why top ranking does not happen overnight and making it more certain that you become an expert in Search Engine Marketing or at least knowledgeable enough to appreciate the challenge.

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